Seminyak as a Capital of Tourism in South Bali

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Bali has become one of the most popular countries for tourism. It attracts surfers and other adrenalin addicts to try the wave and explore its beautiful tropical nature. Though Bali is small, it still has a plenty of places which are good to stay at. Kuta, Legian and Seminyak (north from Legian) are well-known placements. Seminyak is an upmarket and its beaches are more comfortable and less crowded than in Legian.Seminyak

Getting to Seminyak

Seminyak is extremely touristic in terms of shopping and other common attractions like spa, clubs, relaxing cafes, etc. Getting to Seminyak is possible by car or boat. It is the west coast of the South Bali where the traffic is too intensive sometimes. It is quicker to get there from Kuta, and the other route goes from Jalan Legian to Jalan Seminyak. Getting from Gili takes 30 minutes.

List of Attractions

  • Big Bali Tours Activities. Service aimed at exploring Bali, with more than 55 activities. Price: $40
  • Scuba & Diving in Seminyak. It is also a popular activity and it does not lack providers there. Different qualification levels are available.
  • Spa and Relaxing Massages. Since Seminyak is a touristic center, such services are also in favor. Try various spa procedures and treatments (massages, herbal medicine, or common scrub and skin pealings) to relax.
  • Surfing and windsurfing. Surfing is widespread along the whole Bali, so Seminyak is not an exception. Windsurfing is better for those who want to take it easy and are not keen on surfing. Paddle boarding rarely occurs.

Road Transport Peculiarities

Taxi service is a common transportation within the Southern part, and companies use this opportunity. So finding a taxi is not a problem here. Good taxi services usually use a device to measure distances, and does not demand a standard rate only (so you are less likely to be deceived). Those well-known taxi services offer a trip from airport for something between $9 and $14.

Other services have a fixed cost of 60,000 Rp. Anyway, you can ask your hotel for a shuttle, they usually offer one. Cost per trip from Legian is near 15,000 Rp, and from Kuta the price starts from 30,000 Rp.

There is a local bus service in Seminyak. It is a private owned unscheduled service within Bali, including Seminyak.

Note: It is important to agree with the driver on the price you are to pay.

Why Motobikes and Scooters Are So Popular?

Motorbike is easier to use than a taxi or a bus, as you can go anywhere anytime you want. Moreover, it is really affordable, and even locals prefer to use one. The best option is to rent it for a couple of weeks or a month, if your trip is longer than a week vacation. The main requirement is the international drivers license.

Note: To pay a reasonable price, ask your hotel to book a motobike for you. The cost can vary from $4 to $7 per day.

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