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Do you move during the night or do you tend to take a single Mattress position?

The question of weight is important. You can choose the mattress based on weight but without neglecting the factors seen previously. Generalizing you can say that if you are overweight or obese you will have to aim for a stiffer mattress. On the contrary, if you are very light, you can choose a softer mattress.

In case of cervical pains

If you always wake up in the morning with headaches and pains that radiate from the cervical area down, you probably sleep with the wrong pillow. Not only is it important to choose a good mattress but also the pillow makes the difference.

Unfortunately, many of us (including myself) assume incorrect postures and tend to have the head slightly advanced compared to the shoulders and the rest of the body. This tendency leads us to assume an incorrect posture even when we sleep and accomplices are the classic cushions followed by un-ergonomic mattresses.

To solve the problem of morning headaches and pains in the cervical area, I suggest you use a special pillow. Personally we solved the problem with a “cervical pillow" recommended by my orthopedic. The cushion in question tends to alleviate the muscular tensions that accumulate at the neck and shoulder area. Personally I use cervical pillow, it’s a bit expensive but I've gained it in terms of quality of life. On Amazon you can buy for € 80 (free shipping costs).

If the investment in the pillow seems exaggerated, you're getting a bad approach to choosing a mattress. It is true that not everyone has a high salary but the quality of sleep is important for everyone. Even if you had to choose a pocket spring mattress, never go below 800 springs.

Types of mattress

There are many types of mattress and, as stated, it is impossible to talk about the best mattress regardless of the needs of the individual. In particular we have:

  • Memory Foam mattress
  • Traditional spring mattress
  • Encapsulated spring mattress
  • Combined mattress or hybrid mattress
  • Latex mattress
  • Natural mattresses

Each of these models has advantages and disadvantages that can weigh more or less on your nocturnal habits and strongly affect the quality of sleep. Click here for and explore more on it.