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All about choosing the Right Mattress

How to Measure a Mattress?

The best bed for side sleepers should always be 2 cm smaller in width and in the length of the inner part of the bed where it will be accommodated.

How to Choose Between Spring and Foam Mattresses?

Are there many differences? The spring mattress has the characteristic of being able to provide high comfort, strength and durability for people up to 150 kg.

Foam mattresses have various densities, each of which is indicated for a particular weight range. This allows a better fit of the mattress to the user's body structure, increasing comfort and durability.

What is Orthopedic Mattress?

The orthopedic mattress is one that offers firmness to the user's comfort without compromising comfort.

 Does Bed Make a Difference in Mattress Choice?

The difference begins with your measurements. The perfect mattress fitting is important.

The slats should have a space about four centimeters between them, giving better support and allowing ventilation.

How to Choose the Right Mattress

We separate a complete guide for you to choose the ideal mattress model and never wake up exhausted or with back pain.

Lie on the mattress of the store and stay in it 5 minutes to take the test

To buy the right Mattress

  • Always take into account your weight and height: the stores have tables that indicate the density for each body.
  • In the case of double mattresses, consider the pounds of the heavier person.
  • If you move a lot at night, prefer firm fillings that do not leave the place.
  • Consult a good seller and do not feel embarrassed to try several models before closing the purchase.
  • "Just lie down for a few minutes to test if the mattress is good." Focus!

If you are married, take your partner to the store with you and test each model together.